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TOEFL Essay Topic 21 - In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon. Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

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Without a doubt, people are living longer these days than ever before. While there are many explanations for this phenomenon, I believe that the two most important are advances in science and the fact that people today enjoy manageable working lives. I will explore why I feel this way in the foll...

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People are living longer now. People have different reasons to go to a college or university. Some people would go to a university just to prepare for a career to seek a better job, and others might go there because they would like to study in a specific field. Also, we can have new experiences and meet new people there. Let’s consider what are the main reasons to go to a college or university.

One of the most major reasons to go to a university, especially in Japan, is to graduate and get a degree for their career. Still many companies are focusing on universities to which candidates are attending. Of course, a famous university attracts many high school students and those who want to pass the entrance exam are required to study harder. Therefore, attending a famous university is valuable actually, and a lot of companies are interested in students there, because he or she might be able to work harder and have a capability to deal with difficult issues. Hence, some people are going to a university to prepare for a career and seek a better job.

On the other hand, some people are attending a university or college because they want to study in a specific field. Indeed, it should be the main reason to enter a university or college for all students. These students often want to research in the science field such as chemistry or physics and study harder. Some students will go to a postgraduate school after a university in order to research more in such fields. Government also encourages more students to attend the post graduates because it would be benefit for the country as well to hold more researchers or professors in specific fields of study, for a long term. In addition, if people would like to be a pilot, nurse or doctor, they need to attend universities which provide such courses with students. Without attending and graduating them, people cannot obtain such jobs so that it is pretty natural to go there.

Also, many people go to a university or college because they can have new experiences there. Many people come from different cities or states and we can meet lots of people with a variety of backgrounds. It is so exciting to expand the world around you and to experience a new life away from your families.

In conclusion, people have different reasons to go to a university or college as mentioned above, however, the important point is to consider well why we need to attend them, because 2 or 4 years in the college or university is very precious period of time and we cannot spend twice in a life, in general.

In conclusion, people can lead a longer life than before these days, as above reasons. Of course, it is a pleasant phenomenon, however, it means we are facing another problem as well, such as we need to consider how we can deal with the aging society with less youngers.

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