Life is always changing

TOEFL Essay Topic 1074 - Compare and contrast the way of your life with that of your parents. Which way of life do you think would be more satisfying for the next generations?

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Life is always changing

The way of life is always changing, espetially it is true for our century. The rate of technological progress speeds up, thus we may expect that this process will keep speeding up, and it is a hard to predict what would the life look like in the following century. However, I will try to speculate how it will look like taking into concideration trends that are held today.

My life is different from life of my parents because many things have changed for the last 40 years, espetially in my country, Russia. When my parents were young they were living in more certain society, such that people at that time usually got marry in early 20s, by their 30s got children and so on. My parents were not an exeption. In addition, people usually did not pursue additional education and did not relocate to other contries. Contrary, today, we as a young adults study for longer time and get merry later in life, also we travel a lot and consider keep studding in order to be in line with today’s knowledge. I live in a faster pace than my parents did, but also I think that I am living a more interesting life than my parents have been.

If I keep this trend of changes further, I may expect that the next generation will have even a faster pace of life. It will create difficulties for a person, because the competition will increase and the knowledge will expand even further. Also, the ecological problems may become more serious than they are now, so that next generation could be worse off than we are. On the other hand, the progress my create more balanced society and the today’s “illnesses” would be healed.

To conclude, the life is changing and that changes could bring better as well as worsen future. I think that the next generation would have more challenging life and at the same time more interesting one.

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