Lessons for older people

TOEFL Essay Topic 126 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? There is nothing that young people can teach older people. Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.

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Lessons for older people

It is often said that old people can’t learn anything new from the younger, however I believe that this is not true. Young people can teach and actually do teach a lot of things to their elders.

Just for being old it doesn’t mean that you know everything. They have lived a long life and therefore have an experience of life that youngers lack. Despite this there is still a great number of things that can be taught and that old people will learn if they want to. This is an obstacle that we may find, that they usually are too proud for being taught by a younger person. However, if they let them, youngs will make a good job with them.

The society in general has also realised that some old people are eager to learn and that’s why we keep having more and more courses for elder people. From dancing to teaching history, the classes offered to these people are of great variety and will keep the men and women active and awake. It is important to exercise the mind, and what better way than teaching them?

Some old people perhaps have lacked the oportunity in their life time to learn about the things that interested them. It is not like nowadays that the world is full of students. In the past people had to work at early ages. In addition, times have changed a lot, and just for understanding new technologies, they do need someone to teach them. For instance, I myself have taught my parents on how to use the computer and today thay are very happy and confortable with it. They even enter the banks in the internet!

Old people can and must be taught the things that they want to learn. We shoudn’t neglect them or think it’s vain to teach them. Certainly I hope the young of the future will teach me!

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