Lecturer do the talk only or students as well?

TOEFL Essay Topic 175 - Some students like classes where teachers lecture (do all of the talking) in class. Other students prefer classes where the students do some of the talking. Which type of class do you prefer? Give specific reasons and details to support your choice.

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Lecturer do the talk only or students as well?

I would like the classes where students also take part actively and talk in front of the class. These type of classes will allow me to be prepared for my final exams
ahead of time, give me confidence, and prepare me for real life after my studies. Some reasons and examples will be provided to she light on my point of view.

First of all, a class where students present some topic to the class, will force students to work on regular basis. As oppose to when a lecture does all the
presentation of a course, which may allow students to get a bit lazy during the semester. However, when students are aware that everyone will have to talk, they
probably will be more focused during the class. If they do not understand something, it is more likely that they will ask the professor about the topic
to fully understand it. This study method will allow me to study on regular basis and I will be well prepared when it is time to take the examination.

Next, when a student present the topic, he has to work on that subject. Furthermore, because of the this hard work on that subject, he will have acquire great
knowledge about this subject. This knowledge will boost his confidence and he will be able to talk confidently in front of whole class. I recall, when in my biology class,
I had a presentation about polar bears. I was very nervous, however I researched a lot about the topic, both on the Internet and in books. With all that information,
I felt very confident on the day of the presentation. As a matter of fact, my presentation went very well, and I confidently answered the questions which my class fellows
asked during the presentation.

Finally, in this day and age, it is very common to do presentation at work places, at schools. Therefore, it is better to get started with this type of assignments as
soon as one can. In that way, the student will have experience to present the material she has worked on. My sister, started working in an IT company, where presentation
in front of colleague is very common. She has no problems presenting since she has much experience presenting the assignments during her studies.

In way of conclusion, based on explanations and reasons, I would choose the classes where students also have opportunity to present some of the course material orally
to the class. In that way they will acquire confidence to talk in public. Also, it will force them to study on regular basis. Last but not least

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