GRE Essay Topic 240 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "In any profession-business, politics, education, government-those in power should step down after five years. The surest path to success for any enterprise is revitalization through new leadership."

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Any job, in business, politics, education, government, requires some level of experience to excel at a job. This can only be done after more than 5 years of experience. Although those in fields like education, government, and business are often taxed with heavy criticism for their decision-maki...

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Devolution of power Score: 4.5 September 27th, 2016 by

The statement above talking about the concept of devolution of power between multiple persons and this thing has two sides of effectes on people life.

First side talking about changeing leaders or who is in control means there will be changes in point of views and change of plans. If some leader doesn't like his competitor then when he gets power he will try to force his opinions and make laws as he think is right leading to different ways of handling an issue matters for all public and trying to crush his competitors, beside that who remain more than five years he will be seduced by the power and the benefits come with it leading him to try hold on that power whatever its cost and we have a obvious example like what is happening in arab world, libya especailly as their leader killed his own people because they were asking for some freedom this is resulted from the taste of power on human.

Also when we change the leadership every 5 years this will lead to some disappointment because when a man gets to head of his country he knows he is only have 5 years just to make something and this period of time is short for planing to long time future and this will not give him time to explore his plans and their applications.

But on the other hand some people believe that leadership must change every five years and this maybe something true because we need a prespective and a new point of view and to change the failed plan, as brazil and Turkey do when their leaders changed and got their countries a huge push at economy side which lead to improved life style for people, when brazil president had to leave power he was crying and the people felt so sad as he is leaving because he was so benfeical for them.

as a summrize for what I was talking that I think leaders should change every time but more than five years

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