It seems, in some items, very difficult for us to prefer one to another because both of them have their

TOEFL Essay Topic 184 - Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study with a group of students. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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It seems, in some items, very difficult for us to prefer one to another because both of them have their advantages and disadvantages to the extent that it is hard to distinguish. Buy that does not mean they are the same to me, which way I choose depends on my experience and study style. After pon...

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Study alone Score: 4.5 October 29th, 2017 by boronglyu

There has been widespread public debate over whether students should study alone or study with a group. In my opinion, although study alone can guarantee more flexible schedules, studying with a group can increase the pace of progress since we can get extra help from group members. In addition, we can enhance our ability to communicate and cooperate with the others.
Firstly, by studying with a group, we are able to get guidance form group members. To be more precise, since we study together and we are confronted with the same tasks, we have to help each other to get the work done. Meanwhile, an individual can get extra help and make more improvements. For example, my cousin used to be bad at mathematics, yet the class he enrolled in contained so many students that his teachers always ignored him. Fortunately, he was assigned to a group to deal with a bunch of mathematical problems. My cousin told his group members about his problems and they are all willing to help. Finally, my cousin's ability in math increased significantly and he picked math as his major.
In addition, while working out problems together, our communication and cooperation abilities are greatly improved. In fact, as we have to maintain a good friendship in order to get the job done happily without unnecessarily argues, we have to communicate with each other in a harmonious style. Furthermore, to have the work done efficiently, it is critical for us to express our thoughts cohesively and precisely. During this progress, our abilities are enhanced.
Admittedly, studying alone can be more efficient at the beginning since we do not have to express our thoughts before carrying on. However, this point of view is short-sighted in that it ignores the efficiency a group can achieve once its members know each other well. Thus, it is better to work in a group.

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