It is quite a difficult task for me to choose between the two ways of travelling:Taking a companion together or

TOEFL Essay Topic 44 - Some people like to travel with a companion. Other people prefer to travel alone. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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It is quite a difficult task for me to choose between the two ways of travelling:Taking a companion together or

It is quite a difficult task for me to choose between the two ways of travelling:Taking a companion together or not?I think they both have some advantages, however, if it is I that have to choose between them, I think not to take a companion will be better.

It is obvious that taking a companion do have some advantages.You never have to worry about the loneliness which you may be faced with during the journey, you always have someone to share the excellent experience and maybe after years you will get a chance to enjoy recalling the memory with him, you will not be worried if you are sick in the journey and so on.It will be so great a journey if we consider the advantages listed above.

However, it is even better if you choose to go alone.First of all, You can enjoy the beautiful scenery without disturbed by someone else.As we know, a continually talking companion is always a great confusion when you are enjoying the wonders of nature and it will lead to profound irritation.Secondly, it will be much more convinient.You never have to consider someone else`s mind, taste, interest, or anything else when you are deciding where to go, what food to eat and which hotel to stay in these kind of things, just do as you like.What`s more, it will certainly cost less for the journey and this is an essential advantage for those who cannot afford much.

So we can reach a conclusion now.It will be nice to take a companion in some ways, especially for those people who have a fear of loneliness, however, it is a better choice for most of people who are planning to take a journey, for enjoying the journey is the most important thing to most of people.

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