"It is never too late to learn." is an English proverb meaning that people should never stop learning all his

TOEFL Essay Topic 42 - What is a very important skill a person should learn in order to be successful in the world today? Choose one skill and use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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"It is never too late to learn." is an English proverb meaning that people should never stop learning all his

"It is never too late to learn." is an English proverb meaning that people should never stop learning all his life. In other words, life is a process of constant learning, which enables an individual to make continuous progress to perfect him or her as a human being. Therefore, I deem the ability to learn is the most important skill of a person in the world today to achieve any accomplishments.

We are living in an era of knowledge explosion. There are too many skills to be grasped by a single individual within a comparatively short period of time. Skills considered necessary nowadays include English, computer, driving, etc. It is not very likely for a fresh college graduate to be proficient in all these skills. The most possible occurence is that a person first chooses his field of profession and then start to master those required skills in his field. Thus, I argue that the ability to learn new skills is more essential than the skills themselves.

Another reason for my advocation for the learning ability is that if a person is capable of acquiring new knowledge soon, he must be a smart, trainable and adaptable person who is what the rapidly-developed society needs. In a society fraught with new difficulties and problems, a quick-witted person, when faced with them, will come up with solutions more easily than those who only know "the skills". That is why I believe the capacit to acquire knowledge carries more weight than "the knowledge" itself.

In short, in a time teeming with many unprecedented events, the problem-solving ability or new knowledge-acquring skill is the most crucial one necessary for a person who wants to be successful.

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