TOEFL Essay Topic 114 - Some people think that the family is the most important influence on young adults. Other people think that friends are the most important influence on young adults. Which view do you agree with? Use examples to support your position.

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The topic of people’s view on the most important influence on young adults can be approached in several different angles due to its complexity. Some people think family are more important while others may consider friends should be the most essential. I have also developed my own standtoint on the statement. I agree with that friends are more likely to influent young adults than family members because of two main reasons.

First of all, for young adults, they may spead much more time with friends than with familay. No matter where they go, office or school, shopping mall or basketball cout. There is too much time they have to get together and it’s hard for those people not to influent each other in almost every aspect such as behavior, emotiom and thinking. I have a friend Tom, who used to be a good student and well-behaviored kid before he went to boarding school in his eighteen. Afer a year hanging with firends, he become a person with bad manner and dirty thinging, and get use smoing, poping, fighting and doing nothing all the days. According to the example, I suddenly realize how tremedous friends can influent people.

Secondly, because friends of young adults are usually young adults, too, they can develop more conversation and interaction than parents. Those young adult are more willing to listen to the advice or recommandation from their friends. Friends often stand up for friends and consoles their peers rather than schold on they, despite that these behavior are not going to fix the mistake or trebble that already occured, or moreover, to lead the things become worse. I have another friend named John, who once steal a box of candy from a convenience store. His parent blamed on him and try to tell him to say apology to the store manager while his friend tell him not to. Finally, he had a big disput with his family and run away from home with his friends.

For the reasons above, I have to say I totally agree that friends must be the most important influence for young adults. Nevertheless, family may also play an effect role on those people.

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