Influce on Child’s success

TOEFL Essay Topic 66 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Classmates are a more important influence than parents on a child`s success in school. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Influce on Child’s success

Some people would argue that parents have more influence on success of a child while other would favor the statement that it is the actions of classmates which act as a deciding factor for the success of children in school. In my view, the belief of the later group is more appropriate. I believe in school classmates play the most important role behind the progress and success of each other.

First of all when a child goes to school he is not with his parents any more. He is surrounded by all his classmates during the whole school hours. So the behavior of his fellow mates is likely to have a great effect on his character. For example, take the case of a particular boy in a class where his classmates are attentive to lessons and obedient to teachers. Then this boy is also likely to pay attention in class no matter how he behaves at home. Children have the habit of imitating others, to adapt habits of the people around them. That’s why in school the classmates have greater influence on determining the attitude of a child.

Furthermore if a class is competitive in the sense of obtaining better result then each student in that class would try hard to achieve a good score. He does this so that he is not left behind and can keep on with his fellow mates. On the other hand if most of the students in class tend to be inattentive to the teachers then the ones trying to concentrate will get distracted often.

However, parents also have a role to play towards the success of each child. Since they are the first and in most cases the most important teachers who shape the child’s views and actions. But in schools still it is the classmates who ensure how the environment around the child is going to be. Whether it is going to be a good one or a bad one depends on the deeds of the classmates. For instance, If a boy was sick and couldn’t attend school for a few days and missed important lectures. Then only his good friends would come to help and make sure that he doesn’t lack behind just because of some missing notes.

To sum it up, inspiration and encouragement from fellow mates is much needed when a child is depressed, competition from fellow mates is important so that a child gets to improve, cooperation from classmates is a must to ensure the proper development of anyone.

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