Individual responsibility

GRE Essay Topic 263 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "The concept of `individual responsibility` is a necessary fiction. Although societies must hold individuals accountable for their own actions, people`s behavior is largely determined by forces not of their own making."

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Individual responsibility

History of human being recorded the increasing of the society awareness with time. The concept of “individual responsibility” is a necessary fiction which attributed largely to the external forces rather than people’s own making.

First, it is mandatory requirement to mature individual in the society to be solely responsible for any consequence made by themselves. Everyone should be equal and abide by the law of that society. When an accident occurred, people used to conclude the mistakes to the car driver instead of making a rigorous assessment of the case at site. It could be the issue of lacking the traffic sign, lighting forcing the drive to distract off the road.

Second, sometime people make false or debatable statement on the public media which lead to a series of bad consequences. Often, they are criticized seriously but no one know that their speech are interpreted in a different manner or sometime just be stimulated by the others.

Last, to recall a real story about Zinedin Zidan, a famous French football player, who made a controversy “head hit” to an Italy team’s defender in the Euro 2004 Championship. Obviously he was sent out of the match and France lost to Italy in the Final. He is responsible for that behavior but people should know that defender laughed directly to his mother as a protestant from the North Africa.

In conclusion, the concept of “individual responsibility” is a necessary but should come with the specific circumstance. In real life, things like accident, controversy statement or crazy behaviours need to be judged in view of the external forces heavily influenced instead of purely themselves.

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