In this writing, I am about to provide my ideas about some features of a good neighbor. We can divide

TOEFL Essay Topic 15 - Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.

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In this writing, I am about to provide my ideas about some features of a good neighbor. We can divide

In this writing, I am about to provide my ideas about some features of a good neighbor. We can divide the relationships between neighbours into two different groups, namely, direct and indirect relations. Situations in which two neighbours have direct interactions are those that, simply, have immediate results, and the indirect category includes those behaviours that may take a while to deliver its effect. I will provide a number of siduations in which the reaction of a neighbour can be judged as good or not so desirable to it`s neighbours.

Consider you have a noisy neighbour; you may hardly take a nap in some days, or you may have difficaulty in nights. Another example would be of a family which puts the disposables outside earlier than the delivery vehicle is due to come, and also in a careless maner. These are examples of some obvious unwilling behaviours. But what about a silent and not a gregarious neighbour? In my country, this kind of behaviour is considered unnormal: the neighbours expect others to take part in public gatherings, meatings, ceremonies and so. The latter shows that the definition of a bad behaviour can be dependent on other parameters such as the culture of people or the degree of individualness of neighbourhood.

In some situations, an unwanted happening is happend in a neighbourhood because of a cause which would have been initiated long before, by a family which may have lived there long before. For instance, the walls are decayed and loosen their strength because of a first flour lived neighbour; so, now this has become a danger for the neighbourhood.

To sum up, I think a good way of defining good behaviours of a neighbour, is to put ourselves in its position and reconsider our behaviours. We may not be able to change bad behaviour of our neighbours, but we can be good neighbours. "Everything you do to others, you do it to yourself",

an old saying in our culture says.

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