In this argument, the author claims that most of the employees at Company x now think that the communication between

GMAT Essay Topic 473 - The following appeared in a memorandum from the Director of Human Resources to the executive officers of Company X. "Last year, we surveyed our employees on improvements needed at Company X by having them rank, in order of importance, the issues presented in a list of possible improvements. Improved communications between employees and management was consistently ranked as the issue of highest importance by the employees who responded to the survey. As you know, we have since instituted regular communications sessions conducted by high-level management, which the employees can attend on a voluntary basis. Therefore, it is likely that most employees at Company X now feel that the improvement most needed at the company has been made." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc.

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In this argument, the author claims that most of the employees at Company x now think that the communication between the employees and management has been improved. To substantiate the conclusion, the author provides the result of a survey conducted last year. In addition, the author points out t...

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Employees and their problem Score: 4.5 January 14th, 2018 by Shalini Meher

The argument above state about a survey which was conducted for the employees in company X to know the important improvement needed in the company. The responded employees has given improvement in the communication between the management and the employees the highest ranking .And therefore the company has instituted a regular communication session in which the employees can attend voluntary and can communicate with the high-level management. Therefore the author has concluded that most of the employees must have been satisfied since required improvement has been made. But the conclusion seems unconvincing since the argument has the following flaws.
Firstly, the author has not mentioned anything about the number of employees participated in the survey. The number may be very less and the problem of communication may belong to a small fraction of employees. The argument even lacks proper data and figures related to the survey. Moreover the author has not mentioned any particular detail about the communication problem. Is it between the high-level management and the labour union or between the management and employees of a particular department. There are chances the problem may belong to a particular department.
Further the author has assumed that since the communication problem has been tackled, most of the employees would be satisfied. But this may not be the case. Many employees may have voted for other issues as well. And the author has not mentioned anything about it. There is chances that the difference between the first and the second problems may be minimal and not considering any solution for the second problem would make the employees unhappy.
Finally, the author has assumed that the session is successful. But the argument has not provided any evidence for the same. The argument has not mentioned about the number of employees attending the seesion. Even there is no evidence of how the seesion are conducted. Are the employees satisfied? Are they able to communicate properly with the high level management? Are their problem being tackled? The author has not provided any reference to the mentioned question. Even though the employees can attend the session according to their time but the argument has not mentioned whether the employees are getting sufficient time to attend the session.Further the author has not provided any report on the success of the session. And the author has assumed that the employees are satisfied with the solution.
Therefore to strengthen the argument, the author should provide the number of participants in the survey. There must be some data and figure to show the survey is conducted correctly with full participation from the employees. Moreover a report of the session should have been provided to know the success of the session. Further the author should have mentioned about the other issue of the survey and also about their solutions.

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