In gerneral, people are living longer now than ever.Such as in some countries the average age is up to 78

TOEFL Essay Topic 21 - In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon. Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

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In gerneral, people are living longer now than ever.Such as in some countries the average age is up to 78

In gerneral, people are living longer now than ever.Such as in some countries the average age is up to 78 or more. There are a lot of causes contributed to this phenomenon. People more and more care about their diet , exercise and our society provide better medical care than before.

Now people work not for the food which makes them not hungry. They think much of the nutrition of food. By proper matching fat ,vegetable and some others people can get more healthful and nutritious meals . People buy food from restaurants and they can cook their favorite food at home .

That exercise makes people robust is konwn by everyone. People in the morning run and in the evening take a walk or ride a car along a park. These activies are more and more common. In the countryside ,people go fishing that strongs their bodies and relaxes their minds. More gyms and places where people can play basketball,football are available.

Medical care is another reason to cause this phenomenon. With technical improvement, some cancers that can be not cured in the past have been overcomed. If a person is ill ,he calls the emergency and doctors and nurses can come here at once . People regularly see doctors and check their bodies .When people find they are out of conditions ,people can immediately take actions to cure their diseases.

Of course there are many other elements that cause people live longer now than ever. Like what I explain above ,healthful food ,high nutrtion and exercise make people live longer and happier. That society provides all kinds of medical cares is necessary to do this.

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