In bible, very popular verse quotes, “There is no greater love than anyone who would give his life for his

TOEFL Essay Topic 111 - Some people prefer to spend time with one or two close friends. Others choose to spend time with a large number of friends. Compare the advantages of each choice. Which of these two ways of spending time do you prefer? Use specific reasons to support your answer.

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In bible, very popular verse quotes, “There is no greater love than anyone who would give his life for his

In bible, very popular verse quotes, “There is no greater love than anyone who would give his life for his friend!” This explains that how it is important and precious to have a true friend who could really share his love with me. Therefore, I would prefer to have the one or couple of true friends rather than many casual

First, true friend will always be there at my side to be an influential person in my life’s important moments. I could always remember my best friend-Anbarasan in my school life. Whenever, I had received honor in my life he would be a first person to congratulate me beside being the reason for that honor to me. Moreover, when I had to wade through the hard paths in my life, he really sacrificed lot of things in his life in order to save me. Though years have passed by, still there is a great emotional memory glitters in my heart that he once sold his chain to get the money for paying for my exam fees.

Secondly, a good friend must be a honest person. When he/she is honest to me, surely he would help in my weakness and certainly help to come out of that hardship to have a blessed life because of his genuine. Nevertheless, I was not a good fluent speaker of English during my schooling, my friend greatly helped me to get good prizes in debates by his encouragement and motivation and his participation in my learning. If I had not had such a wonderful friend, surely I would not have got this excellent English speaking skill today.

Finally, a good friend would always give me the great fulfillment. Since, the friendship is only great relationship with someone apart from family, he/she must be there with me always in emotional way, not though possible in physically. Therefore, after having come along with friend for years, when I turn back and look at the way I walked with him, really that would give great feeling of fulfillment. Because, I have spent my feeling and thoughts with a valuable person. On the contrary, having dozens of casual acquaintances cannot be precious or blessed gifts in my life as my dearest friend would.

Therefore, one or two close friends surely be like the fragrant incense to my life! Because, only a real and close friend would always be there to buttress, uplift and give the sense of fulfillment, but not many acquaintances. Therefore, I would incline to have the one or couple of close friends rather than to have several people who could just walk with me superficially.

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