Important qualities of a good son or daughter?

TOEFL Essay Topic 46 - What are the important qualities of a good son or daughter? Have these qualities changed or remained the same over time in your culture? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Important qualities of a good son or daughter?

In my opinion there are always good qualities of your children, no matter if it is a son or daughter. First of all, having a son or a daughter is a blessing from above! Every parent who has children will agree with me, therefore as a parent you always see a lot of potential and good qualities in a son or in a daughter. It is very important to understand that a child always brings along some good qualities, no matter what may other people say. To answer the question, if it has changed or remained the quality over time in your culture, I have to answer that with a,” yes, it has changed!

It has changed in a great movement. For example, I am from Italy and my hometown is called Neapel, and the children ,from young age are teached since their were born, how to behave, how to respect elders and how to grow into young men and women. It is a process that every child has to go through their young ages. And I must say, most of the sons and daughters, their are turning out just fine. In additional, I believe you have always your guidens with you, not only your parent that you can look up to, but also your grandparents, who can teach you quite great marvelous qualities, especialy in your culture. Moreover, they make sure you stay on track and follow their rules, to not bring shame under their ruff.

Approximate two quaters of all sons and daughters, find there way to not disappointing their family and thatfore I think their are caring a great deal of responsibilities with them, and it would be totally inpropriate not to please there parent by disobeying. All in all, I strongly believe that every parent can support their sons or daughters with their love, comfort and strengt, besides every child can behave the right way and show their good qualities from their culture what they learned while growing up.

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