Importance Of Sports classes

IELTS Essay Topic 1011 - Should sports classes be sacrificed in High School so students can concentrate on Academic subjects?

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Importance Of Sports classes

Since the ancient times Quotes like”Healthy mind lies in a healthy body” or “Health is Wealth” signify the importance of the sports in the human life. Physical exercise helps an individual to stay active whole day and give an individual strength to complete his daily chores and meet his targets. From the Vedic times,Sports classes are considered as an integral part of the education for the overall development of the human personality.

In the world of mad rat race of competition these day people doesn’t recognize the relevance of the sports in development of the personality. However,people think that only the academic classes can help them to win the race of the fast challenging world. But ,there is always the other side of the coin. Sports classes in the school curriculum can make the student physically and mentally fit as games like cricket or football can teach a student the sense of team building and team work. The immense pleasure of the victory motivates a student to set higher goals for himself.

Playing in the teams inspires a student to put his best by using his all physical and mental potentials. Sports teaches an individual the most important lessons of the life which make him competent enough to face the daily up growing challenges of the harsh practical world.An athlete knows fights and put all his efforts to achieve his goals by standing on the edge of the hill of the courage to break the initial set records. Being physically and mentally fit gives an individual enough stamina to do his best and to remain on toes every moment.

On the other side,we can not deny the importance of the academic classes in the education system. Academic education helps to gain knowledge from the books and different sources and creates an introvert intelligence in the human mind by creating the concepts. But,the physical education converts that introvert conceptual knowledge into practical knowledge. Sports creates an independent attitude in a student which helps him to take his own decisions by considering all the pros and cons of the situation.

In the conclusion,the balanced melange of the academic and the sports classes can help in development of the overall personalities of the students. Hence,we can not deny the importance of the sports classes in the school education curriculum.

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