Importance of sports at high school level

IELTS Essay Topic 1011 - Should sports classes be sacrificed in High School so students can concentrate on Academic subjects?

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Importance of sports at high school level

Sports are meant for maintaining healthy lives in this busy modernized world. Not only that but also to distress and get relieve from frantic and stressful life. But this will not imply that studies cannot be neglected with means of sports.Students should manage both at an equal bias and give importance to studies rather than simply concentrating on the sports.Let us discuss the importance of sports in student life.

Firstly, Sports gives physical fitness and joyfulness for students. And moreover, students get rid of the stress that come over the studying of academic subjects and exams. And further more they are able to maintain the healthy life style by showing more enthusiasm on the studies after playing sports.And also mind gets freshness after playing sports and students felt relieve from pains and tensions.

Secondly, Students can able to connect with more people of their age and get to know lot of knowledge and becomes talkative and outspoken persons. As these are the first and main qualities that any person should have to succeed in their life. And moreover, high school children must have awareness on the sports to improve their skills and knowledge. Moreover, some high school students becoming good sports players and become wealthy by participating at national and international levels. For example sania mirza is a good example in this case. she became a good tennis player at her high school level only and became inspirational for youth and students.

On the other hand, every thing has both sides i.e advantages and downfalls. Sports classes are also not exception for this. Some students neglect their studies by concentrating on the sports. Though sports classes were meant for gaining good knowledge over the physical fitness, some student weren’t aware of the importance of academic subjects and only show interest on sports and neglect their studies to become wealthy in that age itself.

To sum up all the above facts, I would like to conclude that students should be able to manage both at their age by not neglecting any of either. Then only they can get success in their life and became successful.

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