Importance of Education

TOEFL Essay Topic 30 - It has recently been announced that a new high school may be built in your community. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details in your answer.

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Importance of Education

In the modern technological era the education is becoming the part and parcel for once life and career.Education has an importance place in the today’s society as it eveluatvalue the value and status of the person. Hence,the appropriate facilities should be availabe in the different lovalities.So,it can be proves to be advantageous for us to have the availability of high school in our community.Hence, due to the many advantages of having highschool in the community I would support this new plan.

There are many preveliages available after having the construvtion of high school in our locality.The very dominent advantage of having the highschool in the community is that it provides the opportunities to the children of community to acquire the higher knowledge and education by learning in it.The another benefit it provide is that it encourage the people of community to provide the higher education to their children which can be helpful in removing the disparities among various other community children.

The third benefit the locality’s people can acquire is that they can have the bright future and enough opportunity for the proper development of their career.The children have the opportunity to exploit their interest and curiocity to learn something new by acquiring the educational knowledge.

Hence, it is very beneficial for the community after having the new high school in our community.

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