Imagination versus Knowledge

GRE Essay Topic 332 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Sometimes imagination is a more valuable asset than experience. People who lack experience are free to imagine what is possible and thus can approach a task without constraints of established habits and attitudes."

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Imagination versus Knowledge

Imagination is the creative faculty of the mind. Imagination has no limits and is not constrained by any established conventions. On the other hand experience is the knowledge we gain through the course of time in our life. But is an imagination more valuable than experience? I do not agree with claim completely.

I concur with reason but in my opinion it is not always true. People having little or no knowledge about architecture, can have wild imaginations of building shapes. But can such buildings be actually constructed? An architect, who is actually experienced, can reshape this imagination to something which is practically possible.

Innovation requires imagination, but without experience in that particular field, innovation becomes practically impossible. Thomas Edison, a famous inventor who invented the light bulb, imagined this innovation and his expertise in inventing things aided him in creating it. Therefore, knowledge which leads to experience helps to shape our imaginations to reality.

In contrast, imagination of a person could lead him on a journey to transform his idea into reality. For this, he would start to acquire knowledge about his interest. For example, a child who wants to build the car of his dreams would want to pursue automobile engineering in the future to gain knowledge which would assist him to complete his goal. Hence, imagination could lead to knowledge, but this does not mean that experience is less important.

In the end, imagination is the driving force of innovation, but without experience it becomes a mere fantasy only. Imagination should encourage us to acquire knowledge to accomplish our goals.

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