Imagination is essential, yet knowledge is necessory

GRE Essay Topic 243 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "In most professions and academic fields, imagination is more important than knowledge."

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Imagination is essential, yet knowledge is necessory

Even though in most professions and academic fields, both knowledge and imagination are necessary, imagination is essential for creativity and innovation, therefore it is more important for the field to develop, advance to higher level.

Knowledge is foundation to any professions and academic fields. Knowledge is taught in school or other sources, and it is the step stone to enter specific field and profession. Everyone with desire of learning can learn the knowledge through facts, formula, workshops and literatures, but imagination is ability that you can think outside of blocks, beyond existing situation.

However, once you gained the knowledge and enter the profession, imagination is the oxygen for the flow of blood to thrive in the field. Examining the history of science and discovery, most of the great invention and discoveries are related to sometimes seemingly irreverent events. It is imagination built the bridges and lead to innovations and discoveries. Newton observed apple falling on the ground that inspired him to discover gravity. DNA theory was discovered when the scientist dreamed a snake bites its tail.

A perfect combination of knowledge and imagination are the key for success. Solid knowledge are the wings for the imagination to fly high and lead achievements. Without knowledge, imagination would be just like dreams, can be easily shattered without any outcome.

In summary, knowledge is fundamental building block and imagination make it perfects for a masterpiece of architecture. Great innovation and discovery depends on imagination and creativities.

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