If I have right to make decision, I should suggest to preserve these old ,historic buildinngs. Above of all every historic

TOEFL Essay Topic 65 - Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace them with modern buildings? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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If I have right to make decision, I should suggest to preserve these old ,historic buildinngs. Above of all every historic

If I have right to make decision, I should suggest to preserve these old ,historic buildinngs.

Above of all every historic site has its own story that descripes things that like people or historic affairs. They are symbolizations of their cities or countries.For instance, Paris`s triumphal arch, it recordered that King Napoleon built it for celebrated the victory of his army in several hundreds year ago. Modern people can imagine how grand scene it was in Napoleon age.Another example is pyramids of Egypt.They present the brightness and wizard power of ancient egyptian.Meanwhile they are identification of Egypt.You can think about Egypt when you heard word pyramid,vice versa.So I think every country which has a brilliant culture and centuries-old history must take care of their old,historic buildings.

Second reason is the benefit which get by preserve these old, historic buildings.As we known that the revenue from tour is main income in every country`s GDP.These old,historic buildings are fortune that our ancestor left us.We are supposed to learn how to use it base on well care.Well then what we get is not only money.Look at Paris.

Therefore these old buildings are not really old.They have so much potential values.If we preserve them very well,we will get all.

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