If a statue or monument is going to be constructed in my city to honor a famous person ,

TOEFL Essay Topic 79 - Your city has decided to build a statue or monument to honor a famous person in your country. Who would you choose? Use reasons and specific examples to support your choice.

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If a statue or monument is going to be constructed in my city to honor a famous person , I suggest the city choose Mr. Liang Congjie, who is the founder of the biggest enviornmental organization of China. In recent years, Mr. Liang has given many efforts to save and protect the enviornment, and...

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It is widely accepted that Ichiro Suzuki is the most famous Japanese in the world.
Ichiro Suzuki is a professional baseball players and he is one of a successful baseball player.
Actually he is a outfielder and he have the world record because he hit over four thousand hits as professional baseball players. So he is very famous in the country where there has a large population who enjoy baseball.
I firmly want to build a statue of him in our city, if I had a power to settle down and I also have confidence that he is appropriate to this fame event.
I explicate outstanding reasons to support my idea.
One reason that come to my mind at first is that he played in my city about seven years.
When he played in Japan, he belong to the team whose hometown is Kobe, also my home town.
And because of his success, many people in Kobe be proud of him.
So if his statue were to build in our city, everyone in my city will be satisfied with this monument.
Another noteworthy point that I also regard important is that Ichiro is a person who is respected because he is a symbol that grab a success by continuing effort in Japan.
Ichiro is one of the most successful person in Japan, and also he effort most in our country.
I was asked one story about him, when he was a high school students, he swing his bad until midnight and he come to the grand earlier than his team mate. And after he became a professional ,he continued to endeavor to his practice like his high school days.
The last but not least is he is a pioneer to success in major league baseball.
He is the kind of the first man who get a reputation as Asian.
After his success , many people go over the sea and try to perform well at MLB.
If he have not recorded awesome performance, it would have be more difficult to get a credit as Asian, such as Japanese or Korean.
His fantastic performance made it easy to play in MLB for Asian.
To sum up, if one were to take a cursory look at aforementioned reasons, one would reach conclusion that It is good idea to build a statue of Ichiro Suzuki in my city, Kobe.

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