I strongly agree with this statement that parents are the best teacher. I have been lucky that I have always

TOEFL Essay Topic 2 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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I strongly agree with this statement that parents are the best teacher. I have been lucky that I have always

I strongly agree with this statement that parents are the best teacher. I have been lucky that I have always gotten good guidence from my parents. Patents bring us child in the world. When we first open our eyes we find our parents as a protector. We have first effect on our life of our parents behaviour. Parents always give us guidence in our need. Parents are only best wisher of a child.

As we know first impression is the last impression. What we learn in our childhood it effects us in our whole entire life. We learn derectly or indirectly through our parents behaviour. What they do is only right thing for us. Parents can build a child`s future behaviour. If parents are social, caring their children will be most probably like them.

Parents always guide a child by their own experiences. They always try to protect their child and show right path of life. A teacher teaches us only formal education but our parents teach us how to be honest, kind, hard working. Parents watch our behaviour closly that not any teacher can does. Our parents prais if we do good and alway stop doing wrong things.

Parents also guide a child according his/her affection towards thing; for example, if their child is interested in art then they will provide him/her more apportunity in arts by joining him/her arts class. Parents always try to modify their children`s interest. Parents could better know which field their child is interested in. By inspiring him/her in right direction parents make a child more successful.

Parents are well wisher of a child. Parents always enjoy their children`s success. They always supprot their children both financialy and emotionaly. Parents always try to provide everything to their child which they could not get in their childhood. Sometime they do want to fulfil their own dreams through their child but if they find their child`s interest is in another field they will not try to presserize him/her.

Parents are best teacher. They come before everybody. They are even greater than god. They are caring, and protecting. They make our future bright. They teach us more than a teacher can teach us at school. They make us survive in the world. They give us a treasure of their experiences.

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