I prefer to travel with a companion.First, you can save plenty of time and money. In the travel, you have

TOEFL Essay Topic 44 - Some people like to travel with a companion. Other people prefer to travel alone. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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I prefer to travel with a companion.First, you can save plenty of time and money. In the travel, you have

I prefer to travel with a companion.

First, you can save plenty of time and money. In the travel, you have lots of things must do except see landscape such as booking hotel, buying tickets, looking for bus stations etc. If you have a companion can do these things with you, you will have more time to see landscape and to rest. It`s the most important that you will have a good mood rather than be upset by those small beer. Money is a very big problem. If you like to travel alone, you must afford all. But if you have a companion, you can save money in transport, hotel, even tickets. That may let you travel more days than you plan.

Time and money is important to you, but when you have trouble what you want is sincerely help. I like climbing mountain. I have been to the Jiuzhaigou in the Sichuan province. It is very beautiful place, but it locates high altitude. We meet big trouble of breath when we climbed mountain. in the way, my friend and I had a turn on carrying bags and helping each other when we felt tired. when we reached the mountain peak, we embraced. We all knew the one thing that if you have no help from your friend, you cannot reach the peak.

In most of time, you may get funs from your friend. When you want to get a photo, your friend can take a picture for you. When you feel scared, your friend can encourage you. When you are lonely, your friend can joke you. When you get a beautiful place, you can share your happiness, inspiration with your friend.

A companion can bring some help, save time and money; also you can feel human`s spirit in the same time. Your eyes not only see nice landscape of nature, but the beautiful landscape of human beings.

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