I agree with the statement that being a member of a group is far better than being leader of the

TOEFL Essay Topic 138 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to be a member of a group than to be the leader of a group. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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I agree with the statement that being a member of a group is far better than being leader of the

I agree with the statement that being a member of a group is far better than being leader of the same due to which an individual can adapt certain strong character forming qualities.Major among them are compromising abilities, sincerity and doing work perfectly free from external pressures.

Firstly being a member of a team aquires the ability to compromise and to cooperate with other members .Both of which are very helpful for an individual to cope up with future life and to develop strong character.Teamwork by itself increases social skills and develops friendly attitude among teammates.Every member freely mingles with each other and share their responsibility in times of need.For example if a co-worker falls sick,he is taken good care and his duty will be shared upon by other members.

Secondly comes sincereity, a member in team is always under strict control and supervision of the leader .As a result of which he is very careful not to make mistakes and performs his tasks accurately and attentively.For example, if a member in the group has to come to work at 9.00am, he comes there well before time and never gives chance to anyone to comment that he arrived late.

Finally comes the quality of work which is always done perfectly by a member because he is free from external pressures unlike his teamleader.Neither he need to worry about the outcome nor take the headaches of any failures in the future.So he does his best in doing work with complete satisfaction without worrying about the results .For example, a captain in a baseball team is influenced by many higher authorities and pressures of outcome of the game.In doing so he may not perform up to the mark and may lose his concentration at the playground. On the other hand an ordinary player has no tensions and pressures and mostly he becomes the main person to win the game.

In order to build a strong character by aquiring qualities like compromising ,sincerety,and doing work perfectly with free mind it is better to be a member in a group rather leading it.

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