How should school budgets be spend?

TOEFL Essay Topic 147 - Your school has received a gift of money. What do you think is the best way for your school to spend this money? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

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How should school budgets be spend?

Every signle school suffer from its deficiency and need a lot of improvments. Some of them are richer than others but all of them can get better. Our school has its flaws too which need to take action to solve them. Our school require new blackboards and repairing chairs, the windows also need attention. Some sport equipments would change the atmosphere here and make student willingly spend time in school.

Students here reluctantly go to classes and the most strongest reason is its facilities there. For instance, chairs are not in a good situation and have to be repaired. Improvments would help to inspire everyone and let them enjoy the second life in the academic world. Educational equipments also is require to increase quality of a school. They help teachers to create a flexible and energetic atmosphere for student and class would be more interactive if some accessories were available. For example Video prejector, planets educational globes, microscopes etc. would help students a lot and inspire to enjoy learning adn understand science in a better way. therefore, in my opinion if my school could earn or achieve a fund, it is necessarly require to spend a portion of it to repair classes and add some educational equipments.

Sports in education play an important rule to increase students performance. Like other things, it needs to spend money and provide enough space with appropriate equipments. Although providing space for some activities would be impossible if the space is limited, but part of the fund should spend to satisfy minimum requirement. Lots of the stuffs in this area are expensive and there should be a analysis and exact plan to specify what is needed or what is not. Needless to say, a school without sports plan would disappointed students in time. Manager should take strong attention in this field to spend money too.

To sum up, any school budgets should divide to two areas first is educational equipments and physical improvements of the classes, and second is sport facilities to inspire students and make them more active and fresh.

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