how are our generations different than our parents

TOEFL Essay Topic 174 - Every generation of people is different in important ways. How is your generation different from your parents` generation? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

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how are our generations different than our parents

There are several examples for the differences between our generations and our parents generations. First of, back in the days ,the importance of a tradition was a bigger deal to the elders than it is today for the youth, or at least the imortance of a tradition. It seems that today the younger folks they care less of the importance and the value. Young people, have a different life style than it was before. For example, Marriage! 30-40 years ago the rate of divorces was minor than it is today. Nowadays, every other couple get a divorce, and the number is major. Furthermore the number is growing.

Secondely, our parents generations tent to have a bigger Family with at least 4 children if not many more kids, moreover up to 10 children. Todays number of children are rare, approximately 1 or 2 children per Family, which is kind of dissapointed. Lastely, the way we handle food, that is another key issue. I remember, my Grandmother keep telling me, eat all of your food, because you never know, when you get to eat again, there can always be an unexpected scenario, and you wont get a chance to eat again! and therefore, I always had to eat all of my food at my Grandmothers house, besides the food was delicious.

All in all, the elders as I call them, saw more value in everything, Lifestyle and the value and importance of a Marriage but on the most part of course the importance of a great Family. According to my Grandmother, the younger people would find more happiness back in those days than today.

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