How a child should be treated

IELTS Essay Topic 1063 - In some countries children have very strict rules of behavior, in other countries they are allowed to do almost anything they want. To what extent should children have to follow rules?

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How a child should be treated

People in different countries follow and adapt different rules while dealing with children. There is no set by any of the governments but this depends on culture, values and life style of the people of the country. I personally believe that children should be taught rules and regulations and similarly should have the liberty to ask question or oppose if anything they find and feel to be wrong or improper.

Children are basically future generation; they are future citizens of the world. They must know some rules of life, must follow certain rules. They should know what is good and what is bad. Which should they do and which should not. They should be clear enough about what could create trouble for them. The rules those are good for them they should teach to follow them by heart, such as how to behave with parents, elders and teachers.

Children are also the face of the family. By the behavior of a child a family’s education, culture can be understood. If a child is not properly treated and taught the norms then parents also face problem. I personally know a family that is well established still, they are not happy and always anxious due to their son. While taking care they didn’t given proper attention to the child, as result the child become disobedient, misbehaved and arrogant, that’s why their parents are always in anxiety. Family is the first place from where children learn first, whether good and bad that’s why family members mainly parents should always take utmost care so that no wrong understanding grows in a kid. If child is well mannered then the family will also happy and without anxiety.

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