Honesty is the first

TOEFL Essay Topic 704 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Always telling the truth is the most important considertion in any relationship between people.

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Honesty is the first

People, in the society, must work to earn a living no matter they are satisfied or not. All kind of work are needed to keep the world running normally. The different type of work will definitely have a different influence on workers. So when considering which types of work the workers are more satisfied, I think they are more satisfied with the work that have many different types of tasks to do during the workday rather than the work that just need to do the similar tasks again and again.

The most obvious reason for that is doing the similar things would make people feel boring and tired. Because the human brain is more suitable for the situations that usually change. However, there are no changes when they do similar tasks. Thinking a worker on a assemble line, the task arranged for him is to put something on something. In the eight-hour work time, he grabs something and puts it on something that will cost just a few seconds. So it is not hard to calculate that he has to repeat this action for thousands of times. What is worse is he has to do this not for one day, but almost everyday. I think it is even a cruelty for human. Just writing the same word for many times can drive me crazy. Workers who do similar tasks day by day are easily bored with what they do according to the analysis.

And we should take what the work can do for the worker into consideration. Work is not just finishing tasks. Workers should learn from their work to improve their skills and abilities. However, doing similar tasks won’t help too much in this aspect. The best result of that is the worker can do a task quickly and accurately. But nowadays, the ability of a person is judged by many aspects, such as the skill of communicaiton, the abliity of understanding an instruction and the rate of master new things. I think these abilities are far more important than doing similar tasks. By finishing different tasks, workers can contact with different people and learn different things. This is better for the worker’s future development, which means, he has more chance to get a high salary by doing different tasks. And he will surely be satisfied to see his improvement in both skill and salary.

Although doing different job is more acceptable. It is has a much higher risk to mass up things. Workers usually have to do what they are not familiar with or what he hasn’t done before. To complete these tasks successfully, they have to spend extra time to learn. But it is fair. The more you can get, the more you should pay.

Form all the above, it is true that workers are more satisfied when they have different tasks. They can do their job happily and get improvents when they working.

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