History is precious

TOEFL Essay Topic 38 - Learning about the past has no value for those of us living in the present. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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History is precious

Even though we live in the present and should have no chance to go back to the past, the knowledge of history is still important to us. By studying the past we can retrieve the history of our family, learn more about the mysterious world. Also, we can take lessons from the past to not make the same faults again. Doing research about the history with a proper use of time and money would certainly bring advantages to our society.

Learning about the past can help us better understand where we came from and how the society of today is formed. Human has a nature of curiosity, we would instinctively pursue the knowledge we don’t know. Studying history would fulfill our curiosity and let us know what happened in the past, how the world has developed, what achieves us today. Finding a new part of the unknown history is just like Colombo’s finding of America, people would feel the sense of achievement and meet a great deal of new opportunities.

Despite of the innocent pursuing of knowledge, we would be able to know what mistakes the ancient people have made and how can we avoid making it again, also what good processes have they made to improve the society and how it can be modified to fit the present from researching and analyzing the history. Take the World War Two for example, in studying background of the world, reasons for the war, milestones in the war etc. we would be able to know it thoroughly, and would have greater possibility to avoid the next World War or at least take steps effectively.

Nevertheless, everything should be done in an appropriate extent. Spending too much time and money on learning the past could obstruct the development of the present society. Just imagine an extreme situation, more the fifty percent of a country’s budget is used in researching the history, what would happen? Hundreds of thousands of people might suffer from hungry or disease due to the lack of money, the progresses in science, economics, art etc would be slowed down, the society will be lead to chaos. Thus, although learning about the past is important, it’s value would decrease if the process is not properly arranged.

In conclusion, learning about the past is by no doubt important to us. It fulfills people’s curiosity about the nature, about the history. Also, from the past events, we would be able to extract precious experiences and use them in our daily life. The history should be explored properly with control of the consuming, thus it would become the most precious treasure of human society.

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