Historic monument of my city

TOEFL Essay Topic 65 - Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace them with modern buildings? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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Historic monument of my city

Every city is identified by its uniqueness, some have unique buildings, culuture or even climate. The uniquesness adds to the character of the city. Do we need to keep historic buildings or make way for new modern building is a question best be argued among the architects. In my opinion Historic building should make way for new modern buildings.

Firstly, Historic building though have educational significance in terms of learning in term of the design, construction technology and methods, can always be cataloged after a study. They need not be using the space just for the above sake and should make way for new breed of building with modern constructions technology and architecture.

Also Historic buildings have limited useability in current world due to extra money and effort it takes to incorporate modern equipment like lighting, air conditioning, since equipment used today might not have been thought about during the time when the historic building was being constructed.

Lastly, Historic building can be unsafe. Historic building built years ago , might become structurally weak during its life. This buildings may wear off due to changing weather and the modern noise and pollution which might not have been considered by its Architect when it was being built.

In conclusion, Historic building are good for educational purpose , and not place where people can use it. They can be costly to maintain and may be unsafe. Modern building on other hand incorporates all this years of experience gained in the field of construction and architecture.

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