Hesitating I enter my house, the light outside is dimming and the shadows make everything appear unfamiliar. I know

TOEFL Essay Topic 7 - How do movies or television influence people`s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

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Hesitating I enter my house, the light outside is dimming and the shadows make everything appear unfamiliar. I know that my husband has not returned from work yet, simply because his car is not in the garage. I am alone. I carefully check all the rooms, almost expecting something to happen sudde...

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Impact of the movies Score: 4.5 October 14th, 2018 by yulia_styling

It is a controvesial issue about the television or movies’ influence on people’s behavior. Some will say they have a bad influence on folks. But I strongly believe that they have positive impact on thought and being of many people. I would like to explain by using following reasons and examples.
First of all,TV and movies can introduce you something you did not know without your choice. In other words, you do not encounter something you have not tried to search or look for. Thanks to internet, you can search anything you would like to know. However, it is needed for human being to found something not familiar with you , in order to renew or widen your world. TV and theater craft can bring new idea to you without your will. This is what the current people need to get exposed. For example, I accidentally found the my university ,which I graduated decades ago, by watching some document on televison program. The program was about bio-fuel research which can help reducing green house gas. Also the research was done by a professor of my university. At that time, I did not know about the university since the university is small and not famous well. And I did not know about bio-fuel at all. After I watched the TV program, I started to have interest on that issue. And that caused me to choose the university and to found my life work as government office coping with environmental problem. As this example shows, you can encounter or found what you did not know through the TV or movies.
In addition, the power of the moving picture is huge. It can deliver you fresh and impressing imagination. It can tell many things like how colourful, how noizy or how the people ,who is reporting, is changed dramatically. Therefore moving picture has a lot of impact on your mind or feeling. That can lead changing of your thought. For instance, some of my friend is now working on flight engineer after they watched a movie about how hard to fly a airplane. In that movie, there are many people appearing telling how they are interested and ensusiastic on making air plane. Their faces were so bright enough to let my friends believe that the job should be their life work. They did not know there were the people who enjoy their life with their occupation if they had not watched the movie. As this instance illustrates, the impact of moving picture can change people’s mind and decision dramatically and deeply, much more than just reading articles or books.
In conclusion, from above reasons and instance, I definitely believe that the movies and television would have good influence on people’s behavior.

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