Heathy through working

TOEFL Essay Topic 48 - People work because they need money to live. What are some other reasons that people work? Discuss one or more of these reasons. Use specific examples and details to support your answer.

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Heathy through working

These days, the work style has changed dramatically in Japan. Some people work independently in their house and others work in the company. It is no doubt that most of them work to earn money for living. However, as far as I am concerned, I believe taking part in the job does not give us only money but also an opportunity to communicate with others or to influence the society where we live and also jobs help us to keep our health. There are several reasons to support my ideas which are mentioned in the following essay.
 First, taking part in jobs plays important rolls for us to communicate with each other. It is true that there are some jobs which do not need any corporation with other workers. However, most of our jobs have clients and provide service to the client. In order to offer better service we need to know about clients. For example, even if you come upon a innovative idea, if the idea does not match the demand of the client or the market, the idea does not perform well in spite of the innovative idea. Therefore, to know each other is important for us to make better company and this example illustrates the importance of working with others. In addition, this interactive working makes our life interesting, because we have many opportunities to discuss and we can know each other well.
Second, working helps us to keep the health. This is because that we need to wake up early or obey the schedule which we cannot change only by myself if we are involved into the society. Working provides a lot of social activity to us. In order to keep the pace with other, we need to spend a life according with the pace around and this life cycle helps us keep health. To give my personal experience, I have a friend who does not prefer neither communicating with other nor working with others. When I happened to meet him last year, he looked pale. I asked him the reason and he answered that he got mental problem because he has not talked with other. This demonstrates that working is one of the key for us to be involved in the society and it helps us to keep health.
In conclusions, I believe that some people work for money but others are do not only for money. First, working plays important rolls for us to have communication and this opportunities make our life enjoyable. Second, engaging in the job makes our life cycle and this life cycle keeps us health.

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