Have you ever browsed the internet?Have you abtained valuable information from it?I have been in that fantastic virtul world since

TOEFL Essay Topic 84 - Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others think access to so much information creates problems. Which view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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Have you ever browsed the internet?Have you abtained valuable information from it?I have been in that fantastic virtul world since

Have you ever browsed the internet?Have you abtained valuable information from it?I have been in that fantastic virtul world since I was in college.In my opinion the internet can provides us with a lot of valuable information.

Here is the first example.Through internet I almost can abtain all the news that will spread out through the triditional media.The internet now becomes the most rapid and sensitive way to get the important news of everyday.The news will be send all over the world only several hours after the fact happened.So I will browse it everyday to get the latest news that I am interested in.

May be you will say that to get latest news is not very important.Ok,I will tell you my own experience with it.That is several month ago,at that time I was out of work.Then I submited my quality information through it and hoped finding a new job.Two days after doing that ,a telephone call found me.A man said that he could offer me a position and asked me whether I was interested in.`sure.`I replied.From then on I have a new job.Is not it interesting?

Also somebody complains that there are too many information at a time.And finding the useful information in it is terroble.I would say to them`why not use a searching engine?`You know that website,, maybe the best one.To using it you must input some main words first then the website will return a consequence about the main word you just inputed.The consequence is well organized and make you easily find what you want.Through the searching engine you will not be puzzled by the immense information any more.

All in all,the internet becomes more and more popular and provides more and more useful information.If you have difficulties in browsing it you must try you best to learn how to us it for it will be the most important media in future.

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