Has the ease of cooking improved life?

TOEFL Essay Topic 3 - Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Has the ease of cooking improved life?

Food is undeniably a crucial part of life. One can say cooking is easy, as everyone has to eat, they have to know how to cook as well! But that is not true, cooking can be very hard and time-consuming. However, as technology advances, there are many ways to make cooking less difficult than it used to be. Personally, I think the way food has become easier and easier to prepare has a positive impact on our life.

People used to spend a lot their time to prepare a single meal. Of course, there are people who have talents and can make food faster than others in their own way but more often than not, cooking consumes time. New cooking products have saved us time to do other things. My mother used to make lunch for the family from eight o’clock till eleven o’clock in the morning. Four hours for a single meal that will be finished in less than an hour! Now with the help with many good products of advanced technology, she only has to spend two hours cooking our lunch a day and can save time to do many other things like watching her favorite drama on TV.

In addition to time saving, technology that is used to improve cooking has also saved us from many troubles. It used to be very troublesome for my family to prepare pancakes for a picnic years ago, when we haven’t bought an electric griddle and had to use a frying pan. Another example for this is from a long time ago when people in my country had to use the kind of cook stoves that use wood as fuel. These traditional cooks released a lot of smoke and it was not easy to control the heat. Nowadays, cooking is much easier and also much safer thanks to the use of stoves that is fueled by gas.

Lastly, despite the belief what is easy to achieve is not appreciated. That food is easier to prepare does not mean the joy to cook has disappeared. On the contrary, we may have more time and ability to create new recipes. I used to hate cooking very much as it seemed to be too troublesome and time-consuming. However, now that technology has changed everything, I am more eager to go to the kitchen to see how my mom cooks and learn to prepare a meal for the family. My mom not only teaches me how to cook simple meals but also encourages me to be creative.

To sum up, I am of the opinion that our life is better due to the improvement in cooking. It can be more interesting to go to the kitchen now, as cooking is no longer a boring tedious task.

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