Grow up in the countryside or in a big city

TOEFL Essay Topic 20 - It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay.

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Grow up in the countryside or in a big city

To choose where to live is a very arduous quetion that many people have confronted with. Some people argue that people who dwell in the country are more satisfied that city people, so the country is still more suitable to living in. In my opinion, I stand side with this statement.
To begin with, the environment of country is appealing and fascinating. People can always get the fresh air when doing some outdoor activities. At night, people can lay down on the lawn and even see the stars full of the sky. On the contrary, the pollution in the city is pretty severe that people are often unable to go to the outside.They often wear the mask to prevent breathe the air which is emmited by cars or factories.It is wonderful environment that people who live in contry more satisfied with.
In addition, individuals in country tend to be friendly and outgoing.They often bond with the neighborhood tightly,and always give a hand to someone in need.The nice neighborhood is truly contributed to the satisfication of people in country. An example come to me is that I went to my grandpa’s house, which is in the remote area, when I studied in the elementary school. I got lost on the road to the grandpa’s house. I cried out and sat on the ground; fortunately, there was a predator passed by me and he not only comforted me but also sent me to my grandpa’s house.
Lastly,living in the contry is more safe than in the contry. Owning to the fact that people live in country are familiar with each other, they will be awared when the stranger comes to the hometown. Through the good security in the country, people in the country are still more grtified than those in the city.
Undoubtedly, there are many benefits to living in the city. People could buy the things more conviently, and don’t need to worry about the lack of electricity. However, I still think that people in country are able to live more satisfied than those in the urban.

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