GRE Essay Topic 210 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "The greatness of individuals can be decided only by those who live after them, not by their contemporaries."

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A myriad of differences is associated to an individuals perspective of greatness and what one might perceive to be "great". Often renowned individuals acquire greatness throughout their death. In evaluating the qualities for which an individual has touched the people whom carry on his memory, a g...

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Deciding whether an individual as something or just ordinary is matter of serious subjective consideration and therefore hard to disentangle exactly. This is normal as things are not really clear in short time. However considering the greatness as something which one intended and tried to do, we can't tell confidently that it's only later generation to judge. Let me explain this point clearly in the following.

Firstly, people may think that things are not very clear in short time and therefore we can't see what's what. From this, they are likely to see to the future generation and long time waiting for things to become clear. But this point has serious limitation as things can change in any direction and people will start thinking and interpreting differently about things happened in the past then to be called. So it's subject to serious uncertainty whether the real result will be truly certain in the future and therefore whether it can be correct or not.

Secondly, for whatever the result may be, the real thing to judge a person must be what he really intended and how truly he went forward for that. People could have any intentions and any level of effort. However in real life things will not always be in their side and the results can get different. This makes it hard to judge by the result. Instead, people should consider individuals by what they really intend and how genuine they are. Some people can be lucky and could get higher respect than they really should have if we considered not in the future but in the current time.

From the above discussion, we have just seen that judging people in the future can't be superior than judging in the current time period as things are subject to change and different interpretations. Moreover seeing in the current period and judging by their real intention can give very different picture. Thus, I would suggest people to try to evaluate others with their intention and don't blame or compliment too much after everything has happened.

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