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TOEFL Essay Topic 19 - Should governments spend more money on improving roads and highways, or should governments spend more money on improving public transportation (buses, trains, subways)? Why? Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

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government transportation

There are many aspects that a government should concern. One of the most important parts is to improve the conditions of roads and highways; another important one is to develop the public transportation such as buses, trains, subways. However, in my opinion, it is more necessary to spend money on public transportation than roads and highways. In the following discussion, reasonable supports are clearly stated.

In the first place, there are more people not having cars than those having cars, which is most important reason. In the whole world, only in some high developed countries, particularly America, still not most people have cars, and the situation in other countries such as developing countries, is that driving population is even less. In other words, more people use public transportation than have their own cars in almost every country in the world, and so is my home country. Therefore, money should first be spent on the public transportation because of the large population.

In the second place, the public transportation can not only keep our environment healthier, but also increase the economy, that these supports are also very important. First of all, as the public transportation is improved, more people would prefer to take bus, while less cars would be driven. In this way, the pollution we made would decrease, because of the smaller number of cars. It is a wonderful solution for our pollution, isn’t it? Secondly, as more people are likely to use public transportation, more buses or trains are needed, which produce more jobs for the public, not as many people as before are out of work. The economy will go up due to the decrease of unemployment. Thus, it results in a healthier environment and a better economy.

Admittedly, it is sometimes believed that roads stand for the level of a country’s civilization, improving the roads is also very important, and should be concerned by every government. However, compared to public transportation that is needed in urge and by a large population, it should be put in second place to improve roads. As a result, improving the roads is less important.

In conclusion, of all the elements that a government works on, making one’s public transportation better, which is even more important than improving roads, is the most important. For suggestion, everyone should use public transportation more often, not only to save more money, but also the reasons I explained above.

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