Good way to learn about a new country

TOEFL Essay Topic 12 - Many people visit museums when they travel to new places. Why do you think people visit museums? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Good way to learn about a new country

As the society is developing, people have curiosities about other countries and there are many ways accessible. Though we can learn about another country through museums where show the country’s characteristics, I don’t think visiting museums is the best way since it has some limitations and we have better ways than this to learn about the country.

The first shortcoming of visiting museum to learn another country is limited information. Since the limited space, museums can’t cover all information we want to learn about the country. And museums are divided in different kinds such as history museums, science technology museums and so on, and different cities have their own museums, so there are too many museums that we can’t visit them all. So even though museums cover all information about the country, we still can’t learn them all just by visiting museums. Furthermore, something in the museum are not detailed, in this case, we can’t know the whole events or things from beginning to ending.

Secondly, there are many reasons lead to that we can’t concentrate or even lose our patient when we are vising museums. Since things in museums are not vivid and we are lack of background information, we may think visiting museums are boring and the things in museums can’t attract us eyes, in other words, we can’t concentrate on them let along remember them. And also, museums are always crowed so that we can’t take a close look or we have to wait one or two hours just to see less than 5 minutes. Not only it wastes our time, but also we lose patient.

If we want to learn about a country clearly we should find information and sort out them. Before the sorting process, we should record the information we have found, but many museums forbid taking photos. Without record, we will forget what we have seen quickly, and absolutely, it will hard for us to get the information together and sort out them. To deal with this problem, we can read books or surf the internet which not only can provide pictures and words introduction, but also provide videos.

Though visiting museums is not a bad way to learn about a country, it absolutely not the best way.

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