Generation Next!!!

TOEFL Essay Topic 174 - Every generation of people is different in important ways. How is your generation different from your parents` generation? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

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Generation Next!!!

Every generation of people grow in different social and economical environment which has immense effect in the intellectual development of people of each generation. So, I believe that my generation is different from my parents’ generation.

One of the most important social change that has happened is the women liberation. They are more career oriented. Although, it is limited only in urban areas. But still they are progressing everyday. Nowadays, technologically, our country is far more advanced. Our parents used to eagerly waited for snail mails to come to the door. But now, we are always in touch with our relatives and friend. Our parent used to have only one censored channels whereas now we have in channels of different variety in hundreds.

One of the most prominent change of our time is gobalization of economy. It has brought about new opportunites and complexity to our life. Gone are days when people used to wait for the opportunity for some government job. Nowadays, even a person who is very young can own a car which is incredible. But, at the same time it has brought new challenges in our social life. We can easily understand the condition of BPO personal when they used to work in the night and sleep in the day time, hence lost their touch with the society.

Although, society, economy and technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, and I believe that we live in better environment. When I grow old, I am sure my kid is going to tell me, “Dad, I have bought a new robot to clean our house. We need not have a maid any more.”

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