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Travelling in a group led by a tour guide

giada tirocinio - January 16, 2017
Although some people prefer to live an adventure going on a trip without a tour guide, i think that is better to have a group leader in order to have a better experience on vacation. With a tour... Read more

First impression of a new place

Alessandro - January 16, 2017
When a person is planning to move to another city, is important the first impression of the new place. I always lived in my little town, Pula, situated at the south of Sardinia. This is a very smal... Read more

Moving to another country

Alessandro - January 15, 2017
In the life of the people, very often happens that they have to move to another country. This might happen for different reasons, such as work, marriage, or simply to change zone. Arrived to anothe... Read more

New Year’s resolution

vbooboo - January 14, 2017
As the new year has arrived, it is time to think about a list of new year resolutions. This year, I plan to achieve the three goals that I have wished to complete for a long time. My f... Read more

Pens or Pencils?

vbooboo - January 14, 2017
Imagine walking down the long, hallways of your office building. As you approach your office door, you creak it open, to find the sight of a very organized, desk area. Walking through your d... Read more

Why Video Games are Good for You

vbooboo - January 14, 2017
For many years, video games have been criticized for making people more antisocial, depressed and addicted. But now, researchers have found lots of evidence, that video games can be good for you. ... Read more

Violent video games

vbooboo - January 14, 2017
Imagine you are playing a game. You are a spy that is scaling up up a tall building, while dramatic spy music playing. You break open a window, and you see the FBI . They take out their huge suitca... Read more

Should medical doctors have the authority to prescribe placebo pills to their patients

vbooboo - January 14, 2017
we strongly OPPOSE this motion that would authorize medical doctors to prescribe placebo pills to their patients. We consider that the deception that goes with prescribing placebo is absolutely une... Read more