Frankly speaking, both arts and environment are improtant to human being. However, if I was CEO of the company, I

TOEFL Essay Topic 56 - A company is going to give some money either to support the arts or to protect the environment. Which do you think the company should choose? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Frankly speaking, both arts and environment are improtant to human being. However, if I was CEO of the company, I

Frankly speaking, both arts and environment are improtant to human being. However, if I was CEO of the company, I would rather give the money to protect environment than support the arts. Because environment protection is quite urgent and matters the future of our globe, while arts is a continuous process to improve quality of life.

First of all, environment protection is very urgent. Global warming is becoming more and more serious, many spieces are dying, the ice in south pole is melting, many rivers are being contaminated, etc… Now it is time for us to do something to save our earth and our own future.

Secondly, environment protection is very important for all, including human being, plants, animals and Earth. When I was a little boy, I often played in the river that is located beside my villege. The water was so clean that we could just drink it without any processing, there were many kinds of fishes in the river. It was such a beautiful place that I often played continuously for a whole day. Now things are totally different, the water became brown in color due to pollution from factory, very few fishes can live there. Those small children can never enjoy the fun that I once did. If things keep on like this, sooner or later everything will be seriously affected.

Thirdly, arts is continuous process to improve quality of life, which is not as urgent as environment protection. In addition, there are many ways by which funds can be raised for arts, such as exhibition and auction of artistory work. Therefore, environment protection need the money relatively more urgently than arts do.

Although both arts and environment are important, I prefer to give the money to support environment protection, due to the three reasons mentioned above.

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