food has become easier to prepare.

TOEFL Essay Topic 3 - Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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food has become easier to prepare.

Nowadays the life of the people has changed due to the kitchen accessories and technique involved
in same field. Invention of the automatic gas stoves,ovens, and microwaves has reduced the
kitchen time into half. On top of that electrical pressure cooker and the induction heater are
turning the life like a magic. So, the people has sufficient time to spend in their work place
for the rest as well as well as for refreshment.

First of all, in the initial age people used to cook their food in the stove which work on the
basis of kerosene in the urban area . People in the rural area had used the wood a the source
for preparing the meal.The life was very hard and full of struggle at that period. They used to spend half
of their day in the preparation of the meal. But the life of the modern people has been changed drastically
by the invention of the new technique in the field of kitchen and accessories. They are getting the sufficient
time for refreshment after they arrive from their working place because the preparation time in the kitchen has been cut down.
On top of that, they don’t need to stay on the kitchen and can utilize their time on other task. This is the one of the main advantages
of the automatic equipment.

Secondly, the people in the work place are free from the stress. For example one of the research related to the stress in the women
who are using the automatic kitchen ware verses traditional one has proved that the stress is more common
in the women using the traditional appliances compare to the women who used the automatic equipment . In addition to that survey
done in the women of the work place has also proved that the new invention in the kitchen has reduced their workload in their home.
The women who had participated in the survey had also aided that they are doing better in their workplace.

In conclusion, the invention of the equipment has made the life easier. it has reduced the workload in the
kitchen. the stress related to the household has been reducing . Although there are some casualty related
to the electrical instrument, these accident do not count in-front of the advantages.

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