Fast food

IELTS Essay Topic 717 - Fast food is developing more and more popular. It replaces other traditional food. Some people think it is good, some people disagree with it. What?s your opinion about it. Give some reason of your opinion.

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Fast food

Today, fast food is becoming a more fashionable everyday diet for all kinds of people. Some people are highly enjoy taking this good, others are sharing the different opinion with it. I think fast food has many advantages for young people when we choose a appropriate way of eating.

First, taking fast food can help us save time. The pace of life is more and more quickly, less people want to spend too time to eat. Students have too much homework to do every day. We can eat immediately in the fast food restaurant, but we frequently need to wait a long time to have food inventory in other restaurant. Therefore, fast food quickly became an meaningful and indispensable part of innovativeness life.

Second, fast food can give us dissimilar feelings. We know fast food is beautiful and fragrant. After a busy day, the taste fast food is so attractive to the people with a poor appetite, because it is quite different from the food cooked by our mothers or grandmothers. In the comfortable environment, you can wallow yourself by doing things like reading newspapers or doing homework.

However, fast food has some disadvantages. For example, fast food contains too much fat, calorie and protein, but few mineral, vitamins and dietary fiber. Long-term consumption of fast food can cause nutritional imbalance. As a consequence of People may get fatter and even unhealthy if they eat it too much. Research has shown that fast food is harmful to cardiovascular and renal because it contains too much salt.

Fast food is so popular, especially with young people and students. It has many benefits and weakness. I think the most important is that people how to select the food.

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