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TOEFL Essay Topic 1 - People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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factory near the community

I think there are factories near the community nowadays and that plays an important role in our life.There is a lot of disadvantages and a small number of advantages.

In fact building factory near the community has a serious effect on this community .This factory makes a lot of pollution. There is the air pollution, the water pollution and the noise pollution. The air pollution has a bad effect on the people, the children and animals. The water pollution has an important effect on the fishes or on the people if they drink this water. The water pollution effect badly on the economic because there is a lot of industries depend on the fishes. The noise pollution makes the people nervous and that can increase the crime rate .

On the other hand the advantages of the factory is good become cheep because the producer can reduce the transportation costs.I think there is no thing deserve to destroy the community for because with out this community there is no life on the Earth.

In my opinion I oppose the idea because building factory near the community makes a lot of problems and make the community lose every thing the air and the water. it also make people nervous that means more crimes that make the community not save and theat effect badly on the economic.on the other side there are a small number of advantages for this idea.

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