Experience is the best teacher.

TOEFL Essay Topic 63 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Most experiences in our lives that seemed difficult at the time become valuable lessons for the future. Use reasons and specific examples to support our answer.

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Experience is the best teacher.

I do agree with the statement that experiences which seem painful and difficult really teach valuable lessons for our future.

Life is full of experiences.Experience may be good or bad,Pleasurable or painful.The truth is that bad experiences vaule more in building our career and future life.The reason is that painful experiences give us chance to learn a lesson.If we learn not to repeat our mistakes with the help of painful experiences,our life would be pleasurable.Pleasurable experiences give us fun for a shorter period of time.As far as long term gain is concerned,we should evaluate our painful experiences and should learn how to make best out of it.

I would like to support my answer with one beautiful example.I used to work as a medical representative in Oman from last few months.I passed my driving test before two months.It was the most painful experience of my life to get driving licence after lot of hard work.I used to wake up at 4 in the morning to get training about rules and regulations required for driving a vehicle.I failed miserably 4 times.Each times i made silly mistakes like not seeing vehicle coming from another road or not showing signal at the time of taking turn or not changing gear as per the requirement of circumstances.I cried literally at 4th try.I passed exam on 5th trial.It was really a painful experience.But it helped me to become perfect driver in another country.I can drive with confidence.Second,I passed my Ministry Of Health exam for pharmacist in3rd trial.They ask questions about medicines.The side effects,contra indications etc.I read a lot.I used to read for long nights.But,it pays now.I am a successful pharmacist.I have knowledge about my job.Everyone praise me for my knowledge and courage.It was really painful experience help me to go up and up in my career.

Experiences work as a teacher in our life.In our bad time,we get a chance to check our friends and our relatives.We can find our well wishers in our tough time.It is said that bad experiences are actually the face of God.He come to teach u a lesson.It is up to u how you percept it.If you see your bad experiences as your bad luck or your failure,u will never learn.If u see it as opportunity to learn something,u can do surely better in future.

All and all,I can say experience which looks harder and difficult in short period of time,it pays you much much better in future if you learn something from that one.I would like to say many good experiences are the polished form of bad experiences.Life can not be there without experiences.Only you can shape up your life in a nice way by learning from bad experiences and change it to good experiences in short period of time.

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