Every person in a team has his own important role to play and success is shared by everyone in the

GRE Essay Topic 343 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "It is always an individual who is the impetus for innovation; the details may be worked out by a team, but true innovation results from the enterprise and unique perception of an individual."

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Every person in a team has his own important role to play and success is shared by everyone in the team, I believe it is the effort of one person whose work is more important than others and it is this individual who guide the fate of the project.I believe this because not everyone in this wo...

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Changing the leaders Score: 4.5 September 30th, 2015 by

Competition is the most preferred market type in any society. However, it is hard to imagine a field of activity with a pure competition nowadays. In almost any market there are market leaders that due to some comparative advantages dictate the rules. There is an opinion that after five years of power the leaders should leave their position in favor of other participants in order to give them an opportunity to realize their potential. However, the statement raises several important questions: Will the society gain from such a change? Even if a change is needed, when is a good time for it? What is the probability that the newcomers will do well?

First of all, the responsibility of a market leader is not only to ensure its stable growth, but also to improve the life standards of the society. For example, the fact that a particular government consists of very smart people who are able to fully realize their mental potential, is not enough to claim that it will provide the local population with all the necessary conditions for a secure life. The same claim is correct for any field of activity. Therefore the success of a particular enterprise or group of people cannot be the ultimate goal in the hierarchy of objectives.

Second, various firms or organizations need different time periods to fully realize their potential. In particular, it would not make much sense to dethrone the present leader in the mobile phones market if it provides the best services with the lowest prices. Moreover, if a leading company shows the potential to improve its work consistently in the soon future, then it should be given such an opportunity. Similarly, a government that has been very productive during its first term, can easily be chosen for another five years.

Last but not least, there is never a guarantee that a new market participant can be a strong leader. It would be quite a brave decision to take the current successful leader down for one of the newcomers to try to be successful. Certainly, all the participants have the desire to be not only in a leading, but also a very important and beneficial position for the society. However, usually only a few of them can actually do that.

To sum up, all the above mentioned points indicate that there should not be a rule of changing the market leaders every five years. That is a policy that might be very effective in particular fields of activity, but at the same time completely fail in others. Definitely, healthy competition and variety are important factors for any market, however, all the possible risks have to be assessed before making dramatic changes.

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