Every person in a team has his own important role to play and success is shared by everyone in the

GRE Essay Topic 343 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "It is always an individual who is the impetus for innovation; the details may be worked out by a team, but true innovation results from the enterprise and unique perception of an individual."

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Every person in a team has his own important role to play and success is shared by everyone in the team, I believe it is the effort of one person whose work is more important than others and it is this individual who guide the fate of the project. I believe this because not everyone in this wo...

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Without a doubt, any invention is the result of an individual thinking that is developed by a person or a team. Devoting the mark of an invention to a person is just saying that that invention is created by that one without any help from others. He enterprise it and think about the aspect of it and all the solution is created by that individual. It is true, even others help individual to invent that the great mark of the invention must be give to that individual except he time hat others develop their ideas in that invent.

Graham-bell,who was inventor of telephone, is known as an individual of inventor who enterprise the inventing telephone. Wright brothers who invent plane were an individuals who invent the plane and no one knows which f hem think about the first motifs of the ability of flying. Edison was an individual who invent the electricity.

By the examples which is mentioned an be found at the past cause of the most people were not education so the percentage of people who invent something was not great and most of the time they invent something by themselves.On the other hand we can figured out the most the inventions are the great collaborating of a team and the result is the invent that is today as known.

Clearly, it depends on the thing that is invented. It can be a combination of some fields such as Bio-mechanic which is a combination of mechanics and medicine. It can be seen that if someone wants to be an enterprise in this field must know about both fields and if he help from others the result can be greater and more drastic. All the time, the subject is gain of one person who thinks of solving a problem or improving the work of an instruments, but a team that work back of that one aid him to have a great and advanced idea.

It can be seen, if you want to register an invent in the invention organization they asked you that idea comes from one an individual or as a work team must be named. Therefore, they have different papers for registering in these to kind and the advancements which they gave the work is different. So, even in the invent organization there is a option to indicate the people or person who is collaborating this work.

To recapitulate, any invents which is made by an individual is devoted to that one except those inventions which is result of working a group of people.

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