evaluation of teachers

TOEFL Essay Topic 102 - Schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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evaluation of teachers

Nowaday, some schools ask students to evaluate their teachers. This is a problem causing a lot of controversy. Some people said that students should appraise their teachers. However, others disagree with this statement. In my oppion, I support the first because of two reasons. The primary reason is the evaluation will be benificial not only to students but also to their teachers. The second, this would improve the quality of education and raise school’s pretige.

Firstly, to get evaluation of teachers from students would be useful to both students and their teachers. Most students go to school to gain knowledge but only few of them really feel interest with the lessons. There are many causes for that, and teaching method is an important reason. Sometime, a teacher doesn’t know the way making their students love to learn. This causes the lessons boring, both the teachers and their students are not satisfide with the lesson ‘ s effect. Listening students’ ideas will help teachers solve this problem.Students can give their teachers valid suggestions to improve the teaching approach. Since then, teachers will gain value experiences for themself. A good teaching method will make students comfortable in the study. This would make students can successful in their study. Thus, teachers’ position will be affirm.

The second, the evaluation of teachers from students betters the education systerm and raise schools’ reputation. By this way, teachers will be more responsible for their work, stimulate them to teach better. Therefore, students will like to study and can achieve good results. Thanhks to the evaluation, the quality of education will improve. Of course, a school or a university which have a good skillful teacher staff and good students will bring reputation for it.

To conclude, I think that the evaluation of teachers from their students is a good idea and shools should carry out this program.

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