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GRE Essay Topic 862 - The following is a recommendation from the dean at Foley College, a small liberal arts college, to the president of the college. "Since college-bound students are increasingly concerned about job prospects after graduation, Foley College should attempt to increase enrollment by promising to find its students jobs after they graduate. Many administrators feel that this strategy is a way for Foley to compete against larger and more prestigious schools and to encourage students to begin preparing for careers as soon as they enter college. Furthermore, a student who must choose a career path within his or her first year of college and who is guaranteed a job after graduation is more likely to successfully complete the coursework that will prepare him or her for the future. " Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.
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The author in the above argument is discussing about student enrollment issue in an arts college ,named as Foley College.He suggests that promising jobs after graduation from Foley college would compete the college from other well named schools.Futhermore,he assumes that choosing a career path... Back to Essay

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